Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Controversy in my Hometown

Oh shit, it's apparently hitting the fan in Brockport, NY.  That's my hometown and the setting for 98% of the book.  Apparently, "Confessions" has ruffled some feathers.  Imagine that!

The kind owners of the Liftbridge Bookstore in my hometown have agreed to nice little consignment arrangement and my book has been on the shelves for less than three weeks.  Rumor has it that an anonymous caller demanded my book be removed from the shelves because it's "full of lies" about her family.  Her.  Her family.

Dum dum dum.

An angry female whose family was featured sufficiently enough to anger her.  Hmmmm.....

Who do you suppose it is?

The Morada Way Third Thursday Walkabout

At the last minute, I was offered the opportunity to set up a table at the 3rd Thursday Walk About organized and sponsored by Islamorada's Morada Way Arts & Cultural District.  It's a gathering of "artists" selling everything from jewelry to fine art to mosaics to post cards.  And then there was me.

Most people had nice market umbrellas with fancy lights attached and pretty teak tables for their wares.  I had a fold up card table covered by a table cloth and a few candles.  I overheard a passerby ask her husband if he thought I was a palm reader.  Ahem.

The night began quite warm and I thought it was sheer dumb luck when I sold a book before I'd even unpacked my things.  I'd like to brag at this point and mention that the person who bought the book was a complete stranger.  The feeling of handing over my paperback in exchange for cash was....odd.  Awesomely so.  Dougie just watched me smiling like a weirdo.

From out of nowhere, the wind picked up and shit began to fly around.  I was freezing and after two hours, we packed up and headed home to the fire place.  (I think it went below 68 degrees!)  All in all, I sold six books in two hours and that was satisfying.  I met some really funny people with whom I exchanged Catholic School stories and they seemed very interested in my book.  I met others who read the title, wrinkled their noses and walked away without a word.  Sheesh.  Some people.

I've been invited to go back next month but it was strongly suggested I buy a more attractive table.  I guess my crappy card table and ill-fitting table cloth isn't the look they're going for!

Girl's Night Out Radio Show

I enjoyed a fun night at the Green Turtle with Kim Chesher and Terri Albury for the Girl's Night Out Radio Show.  We talked about the book and what I find so amusing is that everyone at the table had Catholic School stories of their own.  Each and every lady could relate to the book and that's what I'm hoping will draw readers...familiarity, empathy and a love of laughing at our ridiculous experiences.

Kim and Terri were gracious hosts and I really enjoyed myself.  The rather large glass of Malbec I had sitting in front of me may have contributed...but even without the wine, Kim and Terri are fun to be around.

I thank them both for their support and look forward to great things in the future!