Saturday, May 3, 2014


One of the many ways I attempt to self-market is to contact book clubs, tell them a little bit about one of my books, and hope that the club will select it for one of their monthly readings.  It's a lot of work for little reward, but I'm convinced it will eventually pay big dividends.  I think book clubs are my way into the light.

I've had quite a dry spell, with no responses from book club organizers since late winter, which for those of us in the Keys was February but for those of you in NY, that was yesterday.  Sorry about that.  You probably don't want to hear that it's been in the high 80's all week, do you?

Anywhooooo, just this morning, I received a very cordial email from a book club organizer in Wisconsin, don't cha know?  She said her club would LOVE to read Fat Chance...if I would fly there to join the group's discussion of the book, answer questions and sign books.  Ahem.

Travelocity says I can fly from Miami to Milwaukee for $382.00.  I'd need a hotel room for the night and I'd have to pay for cab fares and pints, perhaps even a meal or three.  Let's be conservative and say the trip would cost $650.  We all know it would be more than that, but let's just pretend.

Do you have any idea how many books I'd have to sell just to break even?  Even if all 52 members of their book club purchase a copy, which is unusual - I've found that when a book club "selects" a book to read, less than half actually buy/read it - I'd still lose money.

I'm not looking to get rich in this line of work, although that would be something I could get used to, but I can't spend money to write.  I have to at least break even and then there's time away from family, which is worth a lot of money to me.

I don't think I'll be going to Milwaukee...unless another Wisconsin - don't cha know - book club decides to select one of my books.  A two-fer would be nice.  I might even make a profit.  Oh, there I go getting all silly again.  It's time to get to work.  That third book isn't going to write itself.