Confessions of a Catholic School Dropout

“Confessions” is not fiction, although some scenes were embellished to soften hard truths and to make the read less painful.  Ugly things happen and ignoring them doesn't make them go away.  I struggled with my decision to publish because I knew some people would be hurt.  I did it anyway.  I love my parents - they sacrificed a lot to give my brothers and me a better life.  I love my brothers, too.  I hope they each understand why I did what I did.

The "uncomfortable parts", as I've heard them described, are a small portion of the book.  The remainder is filled with ridiculous tales that hopefully make the reader laugh.  Mustached nuns, botched Confessions, the attempted seduction of a priest and intoxicated Irish Catholic Godparents are just a few of the things to be savored. 

I'm no saint.  This book makes that fact quite clear.  Sorry to disappoint; I know many of you thought I was perfect.  The truth is out.

This book is my last confession.  Where's me flask?

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